Dr. Kate Battenfelder

kate-2Kate lives in North Conway, NH, a place that instantly felt like home when she first moved here. Kate and her now husband, Brendan, moved here in 2002. They are both from Pennsylvania and both graduated from Penn State University in 2001. Kate got her BS in Animal Bioscience and trained service dogs in PA for one year before she and Brendan moved to NH. She then got her DVM from Tufts University’s Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. She returned to work in North Conway at that time, and then worked at Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital from 2008-2015. Kate is honored to be able to provide the best services possible to her patients and clients and is even more honored to work with an amazing staff to make it all happen. Kate and Brendan have two daughters and 3 dogs, 3 cats and 2 rabbits. (But don’t hold her to those numbers of animals, you never know in this line of medicine….)

Dr. David Walker

Dr David Walker, or as he prefers to be called ‘Doc’, Dave, or David, graduated from Cornell Veterinary School in 1968. He began his career with the Hussy Vet Hospital in North Conway, where he was a large and small animal vet for 35 years. After a career-related back injury in 2003, Doc was out of action for 1.5 years and miraculously recovered to resume the devotion to his clients at the Fryeburg Vet Hospital, where he continued to practice until June, 2016. At that time he made the big decision to join his cherished friend and prized student of 8 years at Fryeburg, Dr Kate, at her newly established True North Veterinary Hospital. Dave is proud to proclaim “Kate is the best young veterinarian I have seen in my, now, 48 years of practice. She truly is a clone of me, and I am honored and elated to join her and the rest of my former Teammates as a part of her New Team.”

Doc and his wife of 50 years, Linda, continue to live in the same house they built in Birch Hill some 45 years ago. Their kids, Kristin, Kevin, and Scott, are now adults themselves, living close by, and are the proud parents of Dave and Linda’s 5 grandchildren.

Now in the twilight of his veterinary career, Dave spends his well-earned spare time pursuing his long-time hobbies of carpentry, flower gardening, baseball, and Basset Hounds. His true passion is baseball, and now, after a 48 playing year career as a catcher, he coaches JV baseball at Kennett High School as well as Cal Ripken youth baseball and women’s adult softball in Fryeburg. His license plate “BULLPEN” is symbolic of his specialty in baseball coaching.

Doc recently lost his beloved and faithful Basset pal of 11 years, Dewey, ironically, due to an on-going back problem. Dave’s Bassets have always been an extremely important part of his life, and he has just recently found a new friend, “Mr. Pickles”, a 1.5 year old retired show champion from the same kennel who blessed him with Dewey. Mr. Picles absolutely adores Doc, a match made in heaven.

Stephanie Macomber, CVT

Stephanie is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona and began working in veterinary medicine in 1991. She became a certified veterinary technician in 1999 . She met her now husband Nathan and they moved back to his family’s beautiful farm in Conway, NH in 2002. She began working at Fryeburg Veterinary Hospital at that time, spent some years at various practices and pursuing additional interests such as becoming licensed in massage therapy and personal training, but ultimately coming back to her true love of quality nursing care of animals, educating and caring for their families, and tying in all of her passions with one goal of making animals and their families better. Stephanie loves advocating for animals and acting as their voice to achieve excellent and quality nursing care. Stephanie and Nathan have a daughter and a son, one dog and one cat at their farm.

Melanie Gregory, LVT

Melanie is from Rhode Island and has her BS in Physical Education from URI. She moved to NH in 2004 and spent time enjoying the beautiful area and simultaneously searching for a career path that led Melanie to discover that not only is she amazingly good at just about everything she does, but that she is extremely proficient at being a veterinary technician. Melanie graduated with her AS in Veterinary Technology and became licensed in 2010. Melanie is a hard working, true-hearted, genuine MVP and we are lucky to have her talents with us. Melanie also plays Women’s hockey and is on two softball teams. Melanie lives in NH with 3 cats.

Sarah Burke, Office Manager

Sarah is originally from southern NH. She moved to Conway and met her now husband, Curt while they were working together. Sarah has many skills in the areas of organization, big-picture and yet detailed thinking, and excellent understanding of how to be a good human to all. Her attention to detail and ability to be helpful and kind to others is amazing. She is the backbone of the operation, keeping everyone flowing and able to flow. Divinity definitely moved her into our lives to make this venture possible.